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Features Of Computer Adaptive Test:-

Important Tips:-

1. Don't solve any computer adaptive tests till you have finished solving your paper tests. i.e. Computer Adaptive Tests should be attempted only in the last leg of your preparation. There are a limited number of Computer Adaptive Tests hence you don't want to waste a Computer Adaptive Test when your preparation is still far from complete.

2. The PowerPrep Tests which are developed by Educational Training Service (ETS) themselves are the best tests. The first PowerPrep test that you will give will reflect your actual score (add or subtract 200 points) on the GRE. The PowerPrep tests use the same software as the actual tests. Don't waste a Powerprep test. Plan your test taking in such a way that you give your first PowerPrep only when you are fully prepared for the GRE. The last test that you take before your GRE should also be a PowerPrep test. Also insure that you solve all the practice tests offered by Powerprep.

3. GRE software is expensive. It is foolish to purchase all the software by yourself. Form a group of 4-5 people and together purchase all the software. This way you can enjoy the benefits of all the software with the minimum expense.

4. Look out for colleges/institutions that arrange for CATs at very nominal rates. Such Computer Adaptive Tests are held once or twice every month and can be very useful for those students that do not have computer access.

5. GRE software usually allows you to review all the questions that you attempted in a particular test. They can also indicate the amount of time you spent on each question. They also suggest the ideal method to tackle each question. Your test is useless unless you review it and determine all the changes that you need to make in your approach and note down all the new words that you have learnt.


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