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Features Of Computer Adaptive Test:-

Computer Software

A lot of GRE software is now available on CD ROM. Such software is usually very well designed and have a lot of interactive features. GRE software have the following features :

1. Diagnostic Tests : These tests are to be taken before you start your GRE preparation. The results of these timed tests will list your overall scoring, percent correct overall, percent correct by question type, percent correct by section, questions not reached, and questions not answered.

Based on the results of these timed tests the software will tell you your weaknesses and your how to work on them. It will suggest a study plan customized specifically for you. The study plan is created based on your performance in the diagnostic and the amount of time you have left before your next examination. This report gives you specific instructions, by test section, about what you should do to prepare for your next test.

2. Full length timed CAT : The software will simulate the computer adaptive test which can be very similar to your main test. Such tests obviously have a major advantage over paper tests which are not adaptive. Your average score on these tests will decide your final score on the GRE.

3. Lessons : The software will teach you techniques that must be used in the GRE. It will list all the various types of questions that can be asked and will suggest methods to solve them. These lessons are usually comprehensive and complete.

4. Practice Questions : There will be a lot of practice questions in each section of varying difficulty levels so that you can tackle any question in the GRE.

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