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Features Of Computer Adaptive Test:-

The computer adaptive test is basically the same as the paper test in its content, the only difference is in its structure.

Important features of the computer adaptive test :

1. You cannot go back to attempt a previous question.

2. The computer is going to change the level of difficulty of the next question depending upon the correctness of your present question.

3. You cannot skip a question because you find it too tough to attempt.

4. The first 2-3 questions of every section decide the range of your final score. This means that its alright to spend a lot of time on these questions.

5. The questions in a given section appear in a random order. For e.g. you wouldn't know if your next question is going to be an analogy or a sentence completion.

6. You have an option of quitting the test without seeing your score which implies that your score will not be recorded and your next attempt will be considered as your first attempt.




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