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Verbal Attack!!!!!

The first and foremost step in preparing for the Verbal section is making use of the words from the Word Lists in our daily life. The following techniques may prove useful to you :

1. Maintain a single line notebook in which you will note down all the words that you read in a particular word list along with their meanings.

2. Don't write down the words that you already know and are sure that you will not forget their meanings. Again, don't write down archaic words that are no longer in use and those words which are too technical in nature. Such words are rarely asked and are not worth the effort.

3. Attack each word list separately and at the end of the word list make a list of sentences. Your sentences should contain words from your edited word list. In each sentence try and put in as many words as you can ensuring that the sentence makes sense even though they may not be logical. Infact try to make your sentences as easy and simple as you can. The easier the sentence the more are the chances that you will recollect the words.

4. Every time you come across a new word in your tests or in the newspapers or you hear it from your friends , look it up in the dictionary and add it to the appropriate list.

5. Write into your notebook all the words having the same meaning under the same heading.

6. The GRE Verbal section aims to determine your grasp of the English language. If you are a regular reader of novels you should have no problems with the passages. If you are not, well, its never too late to start. Sit with a dictionary and read the editorials of leading newspapers regularly. Editorials are about the same size as a GRE passage.




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