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I am currently serving as a Research Assistant to Dr. N. Rajagopalan at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Regional Engineering College, Tiruchirapalli. My project workunder his guidance is : oComputer Simulation of a 2 -stroke I.C. Engineoe The simulation makes use of astep-by-step approach wherein the values of pressure,volume and temperature at salient points in the cycleare calculated. The first step has been to assume air
as the working medium in an ideal Otto cycle (IdealCycle Simulation). At the next stage the analysis was
carried out by taking adiabatic flame temperature calculations using Fuel-Air mixture as working medium
(Fuel-Air Cycle Simulation). The next two stages will consist of Progressive Cycle Simulation (assuming
progressive combustion and taking engine heat transfer into account) and Actual Cycle Simulation (taking into
account the friction and gas exchange process). This project is currently underway and serves as a part of
the curriculum. In addition I have completed two other research projects :1)Place : Computer Support Group,
REC, Tiruchirappalli. Duties : Study and Analysis using NISA-III / 3-D FLUID. Task : Fluid flow analysis
across an aerofoil section. Dates : June ee95.The CFD software used for the fluid flow analysis is NISA /
3D-FLUID (Numerically Integrated elements for System Analysis for 3D-FLUID mechanics). The system makes use of two-step Taylor-Galerkin approach for solving the governing equations (Navier-Stokes equations). The
approach out here makes use of 2D inviscid compressible flow. An actual two-dimensional profile
of the aerofoil (NACA 0012 and Gottingen 127 had been selected over here) was drawn by making use of profile
coordinates in the Pre-processor. The fluid control volume was marked and then finite element generation
(using 2D quadrilateral elements, NKTP =4, NORDR = 1) was carried out over the fluid control volume. The
boundary conditions were set for farfield conditions and for solid surface conditions. The necessary checks
were carried out and the Fluid control card data entered. The equations were solved over the C.V. using
the fluid solver. The results were observed using the Post-processor. Various combinations of results (such
as velocity, temperature, pressure, mach no.) at each node could be chosen.2)Place : Center for Electronics
Development & Technology (CEDT), Calicut. Duties : Study and usage of AutoCAD(Release 12) & MATLAB. Task : Simulating an Active Vibration Control system. Dates : December ee94.The task assigned was to simulate an active noise cancellation system, using MATLAB. A given signal (noise) is taken for analysis and
transformed from the time domain to the frequency domain. Relevant phase shift is imparted in accordance
to the required time shift in time domain. This signal is finally inverted and applied to the point of
application where the noise & anti-noise cancels each other. This model was used to suggest a hypthetical
model for active vibration control in a vehicle using sensors, pressure reservoirs and computer controlled
valves.I have a flair for research and I am sure that I will be able to do well in my career as a research
professional. I have been enrolled in the undergraduate program as a full time student and so I
have not had any opportunities to work as a full time teaching assistant. But I have made full use of the
few opportunities that have come my way. These could be enumerated as follows :1) I have conducted
classroom seminars on a number of occasions (especially in the field of Fluid Mechanics and
Thermal Engineering) as a part of student assignments.2) I have been instrumental in conducting
short term courses on AutoCAD for my peers and juniors under the aegis of the Mechanical Engineering
Association at REC, Tiruchirapalli.3) I have worked as a lab instructor for AutoCAD classes (for part-time
B.E. students) for two weeks during my summer internship at Computer Support Group, REC,
Tiruchirapalli.4) I have won the oBest Teacher ( of science )oe award on teachers day in my grade- 11. I
have good speaking and reading capabilities ( in English) , and I am sure that my brief teaching
experiences will help me to prove myself as a good teacher also. ( Renchi Raju)

After four years of undergraduate study, my career objective is to become a research professional  and I realize that
graduate study in a distinguished school is the starting point  of  any form of structured research. Graduate study in Biomedical Engineering  will give me abundant research experience and will serve as a stepping stone to the realization  of my career objectives. The prime force that drives me towards taking up research as a career is the
challenge posed by research and the large scope for innovation it offers.

I am interested in pursuing graduate study in the field of Biomechanics. I would like to develop mathematical and
finite element models for a better understanding of the soft connective tissues with focus on the articular cartilage, itAEs degeneration and itAEs remodeling. I am interested in analyzing the mechanical and material characteristics of novel biomaterials; their   wear and the scope for their improvement for use in articulating surfaces for total knee and total hip arthroscopy. I have a special interest in the human spine and I would like to delve more into the research  of the spine. Though I have a liking for varied fields like Biofluid mechanics, Rehabilitation Engineering and Bioinstrumentation, it is Orthopaedic  Biomechanics and Biomaterials in which I would be most happy to work.

I have done projects, one on Load Transfer and Stress Analysis of the Proximal Femoral Stem  in total hip arthroplasty and the Contact Stress Analysis of Total Knee Replacement using Finite Element
Techniques. I have studied the biomechanical considerations for various Below  Knee Prostheses and I have also
developed a mathematical model for Synovial Joint Lubrication . I am presently involved in a study of the kinematic and biomechanical considerations for various surgical techniques and replacements for the reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate ligament and the load transfer analysis of the Spine. With strong fundamentals in Solid
Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Finite Element Methods and a comprehensive and in depth knowledge of Medical Concepts, I am confident that I will be successful in my graduate study.

I realize the value of a rich interaction between the academia and the medical community;  hence, during the course of my yndergraduate research,  I have worked  in close collaboration with two leading city hospitals, under the guidance of both my professors and the hospital doctors. This has not only opened up new vistas of learning for me but has also allowed me to integrate my creativity with the interdisciplinary knowledge I have assimilated.

I believe that contemporary medicine,  both diagnostic
therapeutic rely increasingly on highly sophisticated
methods and equipment. I aim for systematic
co-operation and teamwork
in Biomedical Research which not only benefits
Medicine and Health
Care but also leads to the generation of new
directions for further
technological advances. By linking Physical Sciences
and Engineering
with Life Sciences and Clinical Medicine, the
interdisciplinary field
of Biomedical Engineering plays a vital role in
bringing the advances
of Science and Technology to our knowledge of life and
to the service
of humanity.

My innate eagerness to learn and my appetite for
research have
spurred me on to  carry out research outside my
academic coursework
in the frontier areas of Biomedical Engineering at an
level to the best of my ability.  This has given me an
idea of the
exacting demands imposed and the exciting prospects
offered by
research. I look forward to a career in full time
committed research
where I can not only work with my fundamentals at an
interdisciplinary interface but also make original
contributions to my field of study and to  mankind in

Graduate study at  University of Michigan holds this
promise for me
and conforms to my definition of a fruitful research
association. The
vast technical resources  of University of Michigan,
the close
collaboration with the hospitals and medical research
especially the University Medical School and the Ford
Hospital at
Detroit, and the diverse faculty offer a plenitude of
opportunities .The close interaction of the students
with the faculty
at Michigan only enhances the richness of  graduate

The quality and  flexibility of the graduate program,
the cultural
diversity in the graduate school,  the carefully
designed breadth and
depth of courses,  the stimulating ambiance  and the
tracks offered, seem to me as the right blend for
seminal work and
pioneering research. Undertaking graduate study, that
too away from
home is an important decision  and I have chosen your
after careful consideration. All  these attributes of
a distinguished
professional school coupled with close ties not only
with the Medical
School but also with the industry and special
co-operative centers
make  the University of Michigan a compelling choice.
It would be a
matter of  great pride for me to be a part of this
interdisciplinary interface .

University of Michigan offers a superlative and
unparalleled research
oriented program in Biomedical Engineering in an
atmosphere of
scholarship, vitality and creativity. In the coming
years, I plan
to complete my M.S. and  work towards my Ph.D. at the
University of
Michigan ; an ideal beginnning to a career in goal
oriented research.
A few years hence, I wish to have contributed
significantly to my
field of research.

          Self -sponsored graduate study in the U.S.
is prohibitively
expensive therefore I depend on financial aid from the
Department of
Biomedical Engineering in the form of a fellowship,
assistantship or research assistantship to support me
in my academic
pursuit. Though my parental resources meet the minimum
requirements as prescribed by your University, my
graduate study will
cost them the savings of their entire lifetime. I
sincerely hope that
on the basis of my research potential and  academic
credentials, I
will be able to get financial assistance from the
University of

           My strengths are a strong research
background,  the
experience of having worked in close collaboration
with the medical
professionals and institutions,  sense of teamwork,
integrity and
ability to put in sustained quality effort
consistently . It is my
desire to have a mutually beneficial association with
your University
so as to meet on a common platform of excellence where
I can
contribute my best. The Biomedical Engineering
Department at the
University of Michigan is a center of excellence in
the field of
Orthopaedic Biomechanics and Biomaterials and has a
history of
initiating advances in technology, research  and
curricula.. I feel I
have a lot to offer and a lot to gain and hence, I
look forward to
joining the pioneering team at  University of Michigan
 working at
the cutting edge of technology.

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