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Selection of the proper University

The selection of the University not only depends upon your GRE and TOEFL score but also on your Academic records.

There are more than 3000 institutions in the U.S. So, it becomes very difficult to select the proper university. Therefore, you should first decide that in which of the state you are willing to go. After deciding the State you can look at the different institutions present over there.

Normally, the student looks only the institution that whethet it is good or bad. Actually, the student should not only look at the institution but also at the Geographic Area and Climate. The area as well as the climate should suite you.

It is always prefferable to select the institution near your friend's or near your relative's house. This might be very helpful to you.

Also if possible try to go in the same institution where your friends are studying. This can help you a lot. So, suppose for the first time you go to that university your friends can really help you out in searching your department, your house apartment and in many other activities. You can also share with your friends off campus. This can save your lot of money.

And also look for the proper university where you can get sufficient funding as well as the job opportunities.



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