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Dispatching the forms and waiting for the reply

After the admission form is filled up along with the application fee and all the documents are attached, the form should be dispatched as early as possible. The packet should be dispatched through courier service.

After the packet is dispatched, the university takes atleast 60-75 days to complete their admission process. Most of the universities send you the Acknowledgement letter as soon as they receive your packet. While some of the universities nail you stating that they have received your packet.

In the meanwhile, the university may again ask you to send a set of Official Transcripts, so it is necessary to have extra sets of all your documents.

If all the requirements as mentioned in their brochure are matching with yours, then the university mails you or write a letter to you stating that you have got the admit and sends the I-20 form.

If you are getting any sort of aid or assistantship, they will clearly mention in that. Suppose you are not getting any sort of aid or assistantship, don't worry. You can easily get the jobs over there either On-campus or Off-campus. It is not at all necessary that a student doing his M.S in Computer Science program can do work only in his department, but he can also do the work in any other departments also.



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