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Quantitative Counts!!!!!

1. As an engineering student belonging to the University Of Mumbai you have the advantage of being quick and comfortable with Mathematics. An engineering student will definitely score good in the Quantitative section irrespective of committing any silly mistakes.

2. Practice a lot.

3. Make sure that you score high consistently on your practice tests. The only problem is that of careless and silly mistakes.

4. While solving Quantitative questions, see the questions properly, don't proceed hastily in solving simple questions.

5. It is absolutely essential to give each and every of your practice tests with sincerity and concentration with an aim of scoring full marks on it.

6. Solve a lot of statistical questions/ data interpretation questions. Most mistakes are made in these questions. There can be a lot of tricky questions here. Solve several tests so that you can come in touch with this type of questions easily.

7. Before you give your first practice test give yourself a couple of hours to go through some Mathematics fundamentals enlisted in GRE Preparation books. Make sure you have atleast one reading of all the reference material available in your books/CDs. You might want to refer to your FYJC Math books for sums on probability, number series and Mean/Mode/Median.

8. Write all the important formulas and conversions in your notebook so that you can revise it easily before appearing to the exam.


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