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How shall I plan for my study?

For GRE:

Obviously there can be no Success Guaranteed that you will get a good score. Besides, each student has a different aptitude and needs a different approach. The approach mentioned here is one that we all adopt and I feel that it should give you a fairly good idea about how you should plan your preparation.

Step 1. Fix your GRE date.

Step 2. Start preparing your Word Lists ( 4 word lists a week ). Go through GRE Software and books for tips'n'tricks on approach to Analytical Problems.

Step 3. Solve 1 Analytical Section and 1 Quantitative Section once a week. Revise your word lists.

Step 4. Solve 1 Full Paper Test once a week Don't bother about your Verbal Score. You are doing this test for familiarity and speed.

Step 5. If your Quantitative Score does not improve with every test you need to spend some time revising your Mathematics fundamentals. If you are scoring low on Analytical you need to find flaws in your techniques and discuss strategies with friends who are scoring better.

Step 6. If you have finished a major chunk of your word lists, then your Verbal scores are now crucial. Now you need to work on your Verbal. There are many good software discussing strategies in Verbal. Use these to improve your score. Remember it is the Verbal Score that usually separates the high scorers from the low scorers.

Step 7. Once you have solved a whole lot of paper tests and you feel you are ready for the main test start solving Computer Adaptive Tests.

Step 8. If you are satisfied by your average score on the Computer Adaptive Tests then you are ready for taking on the GRE. If you are not, well postpone your date, work on your weaknesses, solve papers till your scores improve and slow and steady you will win the race.


The TOEFL exam is much easier as compared to the GRE general test. For achieving a good score, it is necessary to read the newspaper daily and watch the English movies.

By solving the test papers from the BARRON'S you will really get the good practice.



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