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Which books should I buy?

For GRE:

(1) BARRON's How To Prepare For The GRE General Test.

Barron's is the most required book for the GRE. All the students must purchase this book. It has a 3500-word vocabulary builder which consists of alphabetically arranged Word Lists 1-50. Each word has been explained with the help of a sentence bringing out its meaning. It will make your vocabulary stronger. This Word List will help you with Antonyms, Analogies and Sentence Completion. This Word-List will also play a vital role in reading and understanding the Comprehension passages. It has a whole lot of Exercises and Practice questions in all three sections and six full length tests.

There are some really tough Analytical questions in this book. But it is must to solve them so as to understand them and gain the required skills.

There are also bunch of Quantitative questions. By solving the Quantitative Comparison Questions, Discrete Quantitative Comparison Questions and Data Interpretation Questions, we will really get the good practice and it might help in increasing our score.

(2) The Big Book

It has a collection of 27 full length tests. It is also a very good book consisting of numerous Questions for practice. It is better to have this book since you have to solve most, if not all, of the tests.


(1) BARRON's How To Prepare For The TOEFL Test.

Barron's is the most required book for the TOEFL. All the students must purchase this book. The book consists of the Listening Comprehension Questions, Structure and Written Expression Questions and Reading Comprehension Questions. There are also 3 cassettes with this book. The cassette contains the short and long comprehensive passages. Another good book is that of Cliff .This book has a cassette in which the conversation speed  is almost similar to that during the test.Barrons speed is a little less.


The book provides us with the explanatory answers of all the questions



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